The only

high class

restaurant in Sofia

operated by students

Talents restaurant is an innovative restaurant which brings together the experiences of culinary arts students from around the world. Restaurant Talents is part of HRC Culinary Academy – the premier culinary institute in Eastern Europe.

Every dish in Talents is inspired by the creativity and dedication of our talented students. We invite you to visit us and enjoy their unique skills.

Restaurant’s Menu

Dinner menu

Served from: 17:00-22:00
  • Radicchio Salad
    9 BGN
    Green Apple | Basil Espuma | Horseradish Snow
  • Risotto
    8 BGN
    Celeriac | Coriander
  • Soup of the season
    7 BGN
  • Freshly made pasta | Seasonal sauce
    9 BGN
  • Tartare
    12 BGN
    Beef Heart | Daikon | Samardala Crisp
  • Duck magret
    21 BGN
    Jerusalem artichoke | Mushroom | Ginger
  • Rainbow Trout
    21 BGN
    Fennel | Spinach | Capers
  • 2 Textures Chicken
    19 BGN
    Peas | Edamame | Curry
  • Beef cheeks
    25 BGN
    Cauliflower | Pickled Cucumber | Sesame
  • Talents Cheesecake
    9 BGN
    Almond Nougatine | Cheese Foam
  • Fruit Tarte
    9 BGN
    Seasonal Fruits | Lemon Sorbet
  • Chocolate Textures
    9 BGN
    Chocolate | Beer | Vanillа

Lunch menu

Served from: 11:30-14:30
  • Minestrone
    5.00 BGN
    Winter veg | Chicken | Rosemary
  • Risotto
    6.50 BGN
    Chorizo | Tomato | Basil
  • Spring Salad
    6.50 BGN
    Rootveggies | Honey-Mustard Dressing | Dukkah
  • Pork Belly
    8.00 BGN
    Chickpea ragout & Puree | Pisto
  • Rainbow trout
    8.00 BGN
    Eggplant | Leek | Smoked Lyutenitsa
  • Napoleon
    6.50 BGN
    Madagascar Vanilla | Kiwi Gel | Dark Chocolate

Welcome to Talents Restaurant on 14, June, Friday for an amazing multi-course menu! French cuisine! The mother of all some might say! Our young chefs are working hard to compose a menu where they will present you French cooking at its classic yet contemporary shape.......

Welcome to Restaurant Talents on 21, June, Friday for one amazing Comfort food experience! Comfort food?! Don’t get too comfortable as you will get shaken and blown away by the most elaborate emulsion of flavours. There is way more to it, than just the well......

Even though we love our Sarmi, and Banitsa, there is way more to come when we talk Bulgarian food. And we talk about pure deliciousness! Welcome on 21, June, Friday, to discover what a group of young student chefs have prepared for you in order......

Enjoy a different culinary experience!

Dishes created with skills and creativity

The menu in Talents is carefully selected and offers dishes from the world cuisine, formed by the creative vision of our chef – instructor Milen Zlatev. Get ready for the unexpected: Artisanal gelato, home made bread, and fish from our own smoker!

Come and visit us!
9 Petar Beron street, Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria (close to NDK)
Telephone: 02/ 421 90 68
Talents Restaurant
Feel the Inspiration of the Food!