Alumni Series | Guest Chefs: Piggy Spring

Alumni Series | Guest Chefs: Piggy Spring

We are starting the HRC Alumni series and we have the pleasure to introduce to you the spectacular chefs Anton, Georgi & Ivan – Founders at БеГе! They are HRC alumni with a brilliant performance and we are very proud to notice that their passion and dedication dictate some of the hottest street food trends in Sofia!
This time on Saturday, 22, June, these three kitchen warriors will enter Talents’ kitchen, leading a team of our current 3rd semester students and will blow your minds with an amazing multi course menu! Take a look at the menu below and book your table! You can book your table directly by using Facebook Messenger , giving us a call at 02 421 9068 or writing an e-mail:

About the Chefs:
Having travelled almost everywhere in the world they hold a massive collection of international culinary experiences which are present in their style of work as well as in their food. The trio gets united by their mutual love for Bulgaria and its beautiful ingredients and decides to give it a chance! Their passion for cooking helps them break Bulgarian street food through their own prism and set a new era of Bulgarian cuisine!


…………………………………. THE MENU ……………………………………..

Piggy Spring

Пролетно Прасенце


Хрупкави свински уши

Панко | Мед | Сирача

Crispy Pig Ears

Panko | Honey | Sriracha

Втори Стартер/Second Starter

Миди – Бекон

Праз | Мариновани Зеленчуци | Пармезан

Mussels – Bacon

Leek | Marinated Vegetables | Parmesan

Основно Ястие/Main Course

Порк Уелингтон

Свинско Бонфиле | Гъбен Дюксел | Праскова Пюре

Pork Wellington

Pork Fillet | Mushroom Duxelle | Peach Puree


Сандвич „Холидей“

Черен Шоколад | Бекон | Ванилия

Sandwich “Holiday”

Dark Chocolate | Bacon | Vanilla

The price for the whole set is 42 BGN (excl. drinks)
Цената на менюто е само 42 лв. (напитките не са включени)