Theme Night: Chef’s Vision

Theme Night: Chef’s Vision

How about some skills? Our students are planning on showing you the true glory of what they’ve learned by assigning one of them as a chef for that evening!! You will be pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to Talents restaurant on 12, July, Friday. Our 3rd semester future top-chefs will blow you away with a stunning menu based on whatever they see fit in that summer evening. Take a look at the menu below the text.

Book your table by sending us an e-mail at or send us a message directly here. Hurry up, because as usual, our seats are limited.



…………..The Menu…………..

Balkan flavours with a Twist

Амюз/Amuse Bouche
Базлама | Домати | Сирене | Пипер
Bazlama | Tomatoes | Sirene | Pepper


Предястие | Pre-Starter
Миди | Грах | Тарама
Mussels | Peas | Tarama


Предястие | Starter
Домати | Краставици | Сирене
Tomatoes | Cucumbers | Sirene (Bulgarian feta-style cheese)


Основно ястие/Main course
Свински бузи | Арпаджик | Вино
Pork Cheeks | Perl Onions | Wine


Баклава | Кисело мляко | Роза
Baklava | Yogurt | Roses


The price for the whole set is only 42BGN (beverages excl.)