Guest Chef: Victorija Baltutyte | HRC Alumni Series

Guest Chef: Victorija Baltutyte | HRC Alumni Series

Talents is proud to welcome a visit from the wonderful chef Victorija Baltutyte from Nikolas0/360, Sofia. Chef Victorija will take over Talents’ signature kitchen and present a stunning multi course menu.

Having graduated our culinary academy (HRC Culinary Academy) she has a vast international experience in the hospitality industry since 2013!
Victorija has worked in numerous highly regarded kitchens across the globe! So far her journey has brought her back to Sofia where she develops her professional and personal skills at Nikolas0/360, where she is the sous-chef!

Together with her team they hold prizes such as “Best Restaurant” in Bulgaria 2017, Best Signature Cuisine 2017, 2018 and multiple other awards.

In 2015 she aces the 1st place for the best Pastry chef in a culinary competition organised by the American Culinary Federation!

Victorija is passionate about bold flavors and experimenting in the kitchen! One of her main strives is to promote women being chefs as she believes that in a male-dominated field, female chefs find the best way to get ahead is to support one another!

Take a look at the menu below and in the meanwhile make sure that you secure your seats. You can place your reservation directly here or sending us an e-mail at or call us at 02 421 9068.


The Menu:


Summer Vibes 


Amuse Bouche 

Aerated Foie Gras 

Cherry | Chives | Crostini 



Cured Rainbow Trout 

Granny Smith Apples Hot & Sour Marinade | Coriander Oil  


Main course 

Stone Bass 

Seasonal Veg | Mussels | Dill Vinaigrette 


Pre dessert 

Summer Sorbet 

Gin | Tonic | Cucumber 




Dark Chocolate | ChilliForest fruit 


The price for the whole meni is only 42 BGN (beverages excl.)