Theme Night: Indian Cuisine

Theme Night: Indian Cuisine

There comes India! Let there be spices, let there be herbs! We are about to show you Indian cuisine in a new, modern and elevated way.

Take a look at the stunning menu below the text. Our students have done an amazing job to set your mood for the upcoming holidays by treating you with their lovely interpretation of classic Indian delicacies. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and check the website frequently so you don’t miss out on all the news!

Book your table by sending us an e-mail at or send us a message directly here. Hurry up, because as usual, our seats are limited.



Amuse Bouche 

Aloo Tikki with Raita 

Potatoes | Green Peas | Yoghurt | Cucumber | Mint | Coriander 




Rainbow” Carrot salad 

Carrots | Raisins | Almonds | Beetroot | Orange 


Main course 

Chicken Tikka Masala with Aromatic rice 

Chicken | Sour cream | Red Pepper | Turmeric | Garam Masala 



Gulab Jamun 

Yoghurt | Saffron | Honey | Pistacchio | Cardamon  


The price per set is 42BGN (beverages excl.)